About us

The company PZ Tech Scalability Pvt. Ltd. is founded in Dec 2020 as Engineering service provider for providing the services in the field of software development, testing, and consultations.

The technology industry always talks about scalability. Scalability in Electronics industry and software industry is evolving fast in terms of performance, memory size and footprint. This pace that and improved fetures of new system allows organization to optimize the operation cost.

Scalability in the modern age might be a measure of several key factors that measure how a scaling application(or other type of lower level software service) behaves.”- Quotes by Andreas Grabner who is the Develper & autonomous cloud activist at software intelligence company Dynatrace

PZ Scalability were started as a small start up with some of the latest hardware/software platforms. We started our business with small companies by helping them in embedded software development. With a broad Industrial experience of 30 years in electronics, embedded systems and Information Technology, we decided to start our own technology company to work in embedded systems and IoT platforms.

Our Vision

    Our vision is to provide the best services in our field. Earn the customer’s confidence through continuous improvements driven by our teamwork, innovations and efforts.


Current Capabilities

    1. Embedded systems design, implementation and testing.
    2. IoT application with various platfoms and with our own platform
    3. Mobile phone application for the Iot Services