PZ Tech Scalability Pvt Ltd

We are experts in embedded, IoT Edge and IoT platforms and integration. As service industry, our focus is on consultation and services. We deal with Hardware/software design and execution of digital products based on embedded systems custom projects.

Execution of Various projects

Generate Ideas

Collect Data/Requirements

Design & implemention for the final product

Finalization of Project

We believe that designing products and services in close partnership with our clients is the only
way to have a real impact on their business.

Our Services

Embedded Systesm

A creative solution and consistent improvements allows to manage your day-today issues and industrial safety. Monitoring offline/Online activities can leverage the current product yield.

Cloud Services

With the current IoT and embedded solutions, leverage your business for the new business opportunities. Our technical abilities and resources can work together. Our services and your ideas can work together

Software management

We have developed some Minimum viable products in embedded system and developed IoT platform to showcase our abilities. These case studies can be customized or can be use in the new development.