Embedded Systems

Continuous development and integration are two related and important concepts in modern electronics and embedded engineering and software product development.

The major obstacle in the electronics production is the component availability. The growth is so fast that the component becomes unavailable within 3-5 years and new component with high performance should be replaced.

To achieve it, continuous development is necessary. Product companies need the focus with strong Development team or the partners can do the same job as an expertise. Our role is of partner in that case.

IoT Edge/Embedded Systems development

We have work experience in the IoT edge with various sensors, popular microprocessors, controllers devices and selection of RTOS and OS flavours based on size of the prjects.

With large experience in the component selection and designing we have worked on various protocols, physical and transport layers.

Currently we are working with consumer products and industrial automation.

Development Infrastructure

Embedded systems needs a lot of investment for the development tools and test labs. We have already invested and continuously working on leveraging our infrastructure.

With our expertise in development, we can manage the critical tests of the product at various development levels. On the need basis we have our own PCB designing and manufacturing team.

Edge system and IoT platforms.

We have worked with various IoT platforms like AWS, AT&T. In our product development we have mostly worked in MQTT transport. we have used secured mqtt brokers like hivmq, aws and we have developed our own platform for developing our own systems.

We have required experience in Bluetooth GAPP and mesh network. Currently working on Modbus protocol for our one of IIoT requirements.

Refactoring and Manitenance.

Many of the product companies cannot afford the staff for the applying new changes in the legacy code and hardware design. These organizations can outsource the existing code for the improvement of existing program’s source code, while preserving the product behaviour.